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Weak Managers- The Cancer of Organisations


Upon reading an article by Liz Ryan on, I came across this topic of signs of being a weak manager in the workplace. I have to admit that throughout my HR career, this has definitely been the cancer of organisations for the simple reason that they are the source of a high turnover of staff and instilling low morale among staff who in turn are not productive.

There is also a saying that says ‘people do not quit organisations, they quit managers.’ I also think that this could be in line with the repercussions that weak manager can have on companies. 

Below are signs that your boss is a weak manager: 

1. Your manager says whatever they need to say to whoever they are talking to at the moment.

2. Your boss routinely says things like "Well, I like the idea, but I'm not going to push it upstairs" or "That's a dangerous thing to say around here." They take it as a given that it's more important to avoid making waves than it is to do the right thing, even when it's the right thing for your customers and shareholders.

3. Your manager has been known to lie to employees when it served their purposes.

4. Your manager talks about people behind their backs.

5. Your boss talks about his or her political standing in the company all the time, saying things like "I hope the executive team gives me credit for the uptick in sales last month" or "I'd better not get blamed for that mistake -- that was Accounting's fault, not ours!"

6. Your manager has never stood up for the right thing, as far as you know.

7. Your manager doesn't want to talk about sticky topics like fear, trust, telling the truth or stepping outside the established procedures.

8. Your manager always sticks to the company policy, even when the policy is obviously out of date and makes no sense.

9. Your manager has no personal career plan or aspirations. His or her goal is to keep their current job as long as they can, no matter what it takes to keep the job.

10. Finally, your boss tells you to tamp down your expectations, keep quiet about important topics, and generally keep your head low to avoid getting in trouble.