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How to create a positive working environment in Mauritius?


Upon servicing nearly a 100 of small and medium enterprises over the past four years, I have to admit that it was very intriguing to ponder what actually made a working environment ‘special’?

Based on my personal experience as an employee, I would definitely say the ‘family unit’ that you create and if not existing, it leads to a complete disaster.

However, I am sure that it is not all about this. I was reading the research conducted by Ken Blanchard’s team in trying to find what made a working environment ‘special’ and the following points were quite eye opening to be honest.  

Openness and safety. A positive environment that was fun, supportive, open, and caring.

Challenging. A motivating environment in which people were challenged to stretch beyond their comfort zone, grow, and learn.

Interactive and engaging. A highly energizing and creative environment in which people had the opportunity to experiment and explore new ways of thinking and new ideas.

Teamwork. An environment that encouraged participation, collaboration, sharing, and team spirit.

Autonomy. An environment in which people had the freedom and flexibility to do their job and make decisions about their work.

Inspiring and motivating. An environment that provided meaningful work and was emotionally and intellectually stimulating.

Equal treatment. An environment in which people were treated like partners and respected for their unique qualities.